Get Styled Virtually!

Whether your clothes don’t fit your lifestyle, body type, personality or simply just aren’t appropriate for an approaching event. The feeling of getting frustrated and stressed out over your wardrobe, is never a fun experience to go through everyday.

That’s why I have come up with a solution for anybody that feels like they’re in a style rut or have nothing to wear, through virtual styling.

Yes, you read right, virtual styling!

Thanks to the easy, convenient and most of all helpful styling service called Wishi, you’re able to book a one-on-one consultation with me over the internet through the Wishi chat, a call on your cellphone, or through Skype; and really get down to the nitty-gritty of what you’re looking for in your wardrobe.

I will provide tips and advice on how to maximize new and existing pieces in your closet and provide you with three-four complete outfits with accessories and shoes included, only from brands that you actually shop at!

So here’s the full run down on how it all works.

1. Sign up through Wishi and enjoy a seven-day free trail.

2. Fill out your profile of your body type, height, brands you love, clothing you’re looking for, colors you like, how much money you’re willing to spend on each outfit, along with a few head-to-toe pictures of your everyday style.

3. Activate your Stripe account to be able to pay your stylist after the session.

4. Then book a stylist! Wishi has a ton of great stylist (but, if you want the best of the best I’m always available) Just type in “Arianna Usher” through their search bar and I should pop up!

5. Hit “Select Arianna” and our session should start.

6. We can chat back and forth of your current style dilemma through the Wishi chat, on your cellphone or on Skype.

7. I’ll then send you looks based on your profile information and what you mentioned in our one-on-one chat, and you can review them to see if you like them or not. And if you don’t, you can always pass and I’ll make another one until you find a look you love.πŸ’–

8. Once we’re complete with the process, I’ll send you a request to end the session, and if you agree, we’re done!

9.Β Then you can review my overall service on my profile, and let other people know about your experience with me as your personal stylist.


What platform are you exactly using to style people? I’m using Wishi, which is a service that allows personal stylist to set up a portfolio and profile, of their style, inspo and work, and then style people according to their own price point.

Does Wishi work on smartphones? Wishi was actually designed for iOS devices and the computer. It has an app for iPhones and iPads that support an iOS 9.0 or later and a website that you can access just by signing up.

After Wishi’s seven-day free trail is up, how much do you pay for it monthly? Good question, Wishi has it set up where after the seven-day free trail is up, users have to pay $20 for a single styling session or an ongoing monthly subscription. But if you want to cancel, you can cancel anytime with any plan you choose.

How much is your styling fee? Right now, my styling fee is $50.πŸ™‚

Does your styling fee cover the items I buy through your style sets? No it doesn’t. My styling fee is different and it will not cover the items or full outfits you decide to get. You will have to pay for that separately.

Can you style me in real life or do you only style people online? I would love to style you in real life! But currently I’m just styling people online. Sorry about that.

How long does it take to receive style sets? It depends, most of the time I can give it to you less than twenty-four hours. But if I’m busy, it may take two days.

Are there different plans I can choose on Wishi? Yes, there’s currently two, which is the single styling session or the ongoing monthly session. Both have it where you can get 3 moodboards, 3 looks, revisions and a unlimited chat with your stylist.

Do I need to have a bank/debit account to use Wishi? Yes. You have to link your debit/bank card to Stripe, which is another payment service like Paypal, in order to pay your stylist.

How many stylist are currently on Wishi? Dozens! Celebrity stylist, Vogue editors and just everyday personal stylist are on there.

Are the other stylist styling fees the same as yours? Some yes, some no. Different stylist have different price points due to experience and how many clients they’ve worked with. So their fees will range anywhere from $20, $50 to $100

Why should I pick you as a stylist? Why shouldn’t you? Jk! Because I have lots of knowledge on style and fashion, and have been studying it for years! Plus I am certified in personal shopping and store assisting (meaning I went to school for this and graduated too) so I know how to style people according to their body type, skin tone, personality and how to mix and match to the T . Also, I take my job seriously. So I’m all about making the client happy and putting my all into each consultation. I won’t give you any type of run arounds, hodgepodge or games when you book me, because I’m all about getting down to business.πŸ’πŸ½

For anymore questions about virtual styling or how Wishi works, you can comment down below in the comment section, or email Wishi directly atΒ for more inquires.

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