Happy Friday everyone, I hope you are enjoying your week and day! Today I’m going to be doing a favorite of mine which is another ootd for you guys, and showing you all what I’m wearing.

This particular outfit was actually featured on A Bundle Of Curls blog, where she interviewed me about my style, life and future plans for my site. Which was super awesome to do and fill out. (So go check it out if you haven’t, I think you’ll like it!)

Now this outfit that I’m currently wearing is kinda sporty, chill and very light and lilacy. I’m sporting my favorite bomber jacket from Amazon, my flawless necklace from Amazon, and my gorgeous pleated skirt, purse, earrings and sneaker flats that are also from Amazon too. Not to mention I’m also rocking my causal grey tee from Target which was found at the Salvation Army, and my layered stacked on pearl bracelets from Dresslnik as well.

I hope you guys liked this outfit just as much as I enjoyed wearing it, and until next time. I’ll see you all later!




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