Styling My Diyed Boyfriend Jeans

About two weeks ago I blogged about how I was looking for some patched up, distressed, medium washed boyfriend jeans at a lot of the clothing stores that I shopped at, but mentioned that I couldn’t find the specific ones that I was looking for; resulting in me having to Diy some Joe Fresh boyfriend jeans from the thrift store.

It was a decision that was definitely risky and scary since I had never Diyed ANY of my clothing to that extent before, but was super happy that I went on and did it, because now they are my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans that I own in my wardrobe.πŸ’•
So basically today I am showing you guys how I paired and styled the boyfriend jeans up with items and accessories that I thought would go really well with them; to create a super fun, sporty, kind of chill look, that was pretty easy to put together.
The clothing items that I paired with the distressed patched up jeans was just a simple black tank top, a cute white and floral bomber jacket, a backpack, a choker and my white Keds that I am absolutely obsessed with! To help compliment and enhance the boyfriend jeans that I was wearing that day.
So without jabbering on and on, let’s get right into the photos and hop right into it!


Bomber jacket and chocker are from Amazon


Backpack is from Amazon


Keds shoes are from Amazon
Jeans were by Joe Fresh that I Diyed. (Which IΒ already mentioned. Lol)

Thanks so much guys for taking the time for reading and viewing my blog. I hope that you have a fantastic day and week, and enjoy it to the fullest.




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