Get Styled By Me!

Have you ever looked in your closet in the morning, and thought “what the heck am I going to wear today?” Well honey, you’re not alone. I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of other girls do the exact same thing every single dang morning.

A lot of girls probably wish they could have a personal stylist, that could just pick out a good-looking outfit in their closet, without having to stress about picking something out that actually matches. Because trust me, it would be so much easier!

But unfortunately, getting that dream isn’t that simple, since your average stylist normally only styles in New York or L.A with ridiculous price points that the average person couldn’t even afford…which sucks.

But what if I told you, that you could still get a personal stylist in neither of those states or at a ridiculous price point, but right on your phone or computer for just $50?

And what if I told you that you could have me (yes me) style you for that price point, and pick out new outfits, new shoes, new accessories or just help you style items you already own in your existing closet all virtually!

Because now, I’m a certified, virtual stylist on an app/website called Wishi, that takes personal styling to a whole new level.

How Wishi Works

You as the client have the ability to fill out a detailed profile of your height, style, favorite colors, and even head-to-toe pictures of your every day outfits, so I can pick out new pieces according to your body type and style!

This app now breaks the stereotype of only popular singers, actors or top-notch influencers getting styled, but now has it where everyday women and even guys can get styled according to their budget and lifestyle too!

Wishi makes it so easy for anybody to get a stylist, since you can talk to me (your virtual helper) through the app’s chat, on the phone or through Skype anytime I’m online, and discuss in detail what items you’re looking to buy, what occasion you need these items for, and more.

But of course I’m not the only personal stylist on the app/website, since it’s set up where once you sign up you have the chance to pick through dozens of experienced, certified stylist, that include Vogue editors and expert stylist that have styled for ad campaigns and regular people for years! Which include people like Carlotta OddiClea O’hana, Amia Serrano, Coco Yokoyama, and even Gigi and Bella Hadid’s half-sister Alana Hadid! Which is pretty mind-blowing!

Pick me as your stylist

But that’s not all sis!

You also have the ability to pick your price point too, and choose which stylist best matches your style and your budget. This way, you’ll never have to worry about getting paired with a stylist that doesn’t have the same taste as you, since a lot of them range from boho, to edgy, to classy, to modern, to just about any style you can possibly imagine, with different styling fees.

And due to Wishi setting it up, where I and the other stylist can showcase our style, work and inspo through our portfolio/profile, it gives our potential clients a feel of how we dress and who we’ve collaborated with, before they actually book us.

Which is so cool right?

But instead of rambling on and on about Wishi and all of its wonderful features, I’m just going to list all of the app’s deets from their official website, so you guys can know all the cool things you can do! I’m also going to supply you guys with a few of my style sets I created on Wishi, as well as my direct link to my profile. So if you ever feel like getting styled, you can just click the link to stalk me or book me as your personal stylist!

So here’s all the features Wishi comes with:

$50 per session
My Wishi profile that shows a few pictures of me, my work and my inspiration.
  • Book any stylist and enjoy a 7-day free trial
  • Get matched with a certified stylist
  • Get a moodboard and 3-4 looks
  • Chat, call or Skype with your stylist 24/7
  • Choose different plans to fit your needs
  • Upload clothes from your existing wardrobe
  • Get tips on how to wear your look
  • Fill out a profile so your stylist knows exactly what you’re looking for
  • Cancel your trail at any time
  • Set a fixed budget on your new wardrobe
  • Deny any looks that you don’t want, and let your stylist pick new items
  • Review your stylist to let people know how your experience was
Check out all of my looks I created right here! >> (

So that wraps this post up! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope to see you as my future Wishi client some time soon!

Also, don’t forget to email me at or comment in the comment section down below about any questions regarding Wishi, and I’ll be more than willing to supply you with a answer!

Ok, bye loves!


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